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We are honored to share our patient video testimonials

Our most valuable content to share is our own wonderful patients experience.  No better source of information than those who have been through it before.  Please view our Youtube page to hear the experience from their own mouth.

Thank you for visiting our blog.  If you have questions or are in need of eye care feel free to contact us at 571-349-2191 or visit us at

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Eye Surgery Mission in Ethiopia

We are honored to post pictures from our recent mission trip to Ethiopia last month.  Dr Josephson had the blessing to go to a hospital and start a corneal transplant program for the indigenous population in the region.  He also had the opportunity to teach and operate with the eye surgery residents that will lead the future of eye care in the country.  We were able to perform many surgeries, see hundreds of patients, and provide hope and vision for tomorrow.  We are happy to share the award Dr Josephson was given as a token of appreciation.  Also if you want to see pictures from the trip please visit our website at . We pray we will have the opportunity to serve this wonderful community again soon.

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Intacs: More options for Keratoconus

With the FDA approval of Collagen Cross-linking many patients suffering with keratoconus have resurfaced asking what options are available.  Dr. Josephson, a fellowship trained Cornea Surgeon, is a pioneer in the latest technology for keratoconus.  We offer FDA approved collagen cross-linking in our office.  We also offer INTACS which with a very quick and easy laser approach we can place a segment that allows the cornea to mold into a more normal shape.  Intacs with cross-linking can make a reshaped-better cornea a permanent reality.  If you are having haloes and glare with suboptimal vision you may have this debilitating condition that now is treatable.  Furthermore many insurers are recognizing these procedures and providing coverage.  Call our office at 571-349-2191 or visit us at to schedule your evaluation.

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