20160715_090914We at Eye Specialists thought it would be a good time to discuss Recurrent Erosion Syndrome (RES) since it seems to be coming up more often and being missed on routine eye exams as dry eyes or allergies.  RES has a high prevalence in the USA and has multiple causes.  A typical story is someone complains of pain, discomfort, or foreign body sensation especially in the morning when waking up.  Sometimes it will be in the middle of night feeling like opening the eyes causes a “ripping apart” discomfort.  The feelings are actually right on in that the surface of the eye is essentially being abraded off by the inside of the eyelid pulling it apart.  Most commonly this is due to a prior trauma like a child’s fingernail injury that may have occurred many years ago. There is also a genetic condition that may make someone more prone to this issue.  Diagnosis can be made by history and an exam with a cornea specialist.

Since this can be such a debilitating condition Dr. Josephson has worked hard to offer the most advanced options for this condition.  Usually we start with drops and ointments but if not working we have options to resurface the eye with stem-cell therapies and lasers.  We do not quit until we find the treatment that will work for you.

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