Family Eye Care and Contact lenses

At Eye Specialists & Surgeons of Northern Virginia we see people of all ages from routine eye care to complex surgical needs. We pride ourselves in providing an excellent experience to every patient, and we strive to ensure that every team member is committed to providing the highest level of care with respect and kindness.

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Importance of Regular Family Eye Care

Many diseases in other parts of the body can cause problems with your eyes. Patients with certain systemic diseases should see their eye doctor on a regular basis to ensure that no vision loss occurs. During an eye examination, your eye doctor can often detect changes in the structure of your eyes that indicate a possible systemic disease. An eye doctor can typically detect signs of 400 diseases occurring in other parts of the body. Because most eye disorders are painless and change gradually, you may not be aware of them until vision loss occurs. At that point it may be too late to recover the lost vision – like in the case of glaucoma or macular degeneration.

Your eye doctor can see signs of systemic disease in many ways. A dilated eye exam allows doctors to look at the structures inside the eye. Regular eye examinations with your eye doctor can minimize the loss of vision from systemic disease. Your eye doctor may also detect signs of a disease you did not know you had. Call us today to schedule your comprehensive eye examination with Eye specialists and Surgeons of Northern Virginia.

Contact Lenses

The goal of eye care professionals is to help patients reach their visual potential with glasses or contact lenses. Contact lenses are an alternative to glasses. There are varying contact lens styles, wearing schedules, and brands available, and we can determine if you’re a candidate for contact lenses and recommend the best choice of lenses for you. During your exam we will take detailed measurements of your eye’s shape and size to make sure the contact lenses fit correctly, as well as to determine your visual acuity and refraction. We can prescribe quality contact lenses for patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and more. We have optometrists that can fit patients for soft lens, rigid lenses, scleral lenses to help patients reach their visual potential. Call us to schedule your contact lens fitting today!

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