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A Laughing Matter

We are blessed with the best patients in the world, even better when we get to see their great sense of humor.  With permission we thought we would share the funny moment with everyone.  Thankfully we operated on the right eye 🙂

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Technological Advancements in Eye Care

Dr. Josephson is excited to be the first eye doctor to use NGENUITY 3D Visualization System with DATAFUSION by Alcon in the NOVA area for cataract and anterior segment surgery. At Eye Specialist and Surgeons of NOVA we strive to offer the most advanced technology coupled with leading edge techniques to ensure the highest quality of care in the region.

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Regaining 20/20 vision after VISION THREATENING TRAUMA

At Eye Specialists and Surgeons of Northern Virginia, Dr John Josephson and his team are often asked to tackle the most challenging of eye conditions.  This could not be more true here when asked to deal with an unforeseen metal foreign body piercing through the eye damaging everything in it’s path.  Thank God after a few surgeries and procedures we were able to restore 20/20 vision and give him the opportunity to continue his career and life with excellent vision.  Please see his kind testimonial:

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We found JOY in the mundane tasks!

A wonderful reminder from a patient on how small everyday tasks can make a BIG impact!
“Id just like to reiterate to you, Dr. Josephson, and the whole team at ESSNV that you all have truly transformed my life.  My accident happened in an instant and turned my world upside down.  I was immediately checked on having taken for granted perfect vision my whole life, and left in a state of fear wondering if I would ever see out of my eye again.  I feel incredibly lucky to have access to professionals that really care, and were able to restore my vision from an accident that should have seen me lose my eye entirely.  I have always felt that I have been in good hands at your practice.
I’m sure that for you specifically, jumping through hoops on a daily basis dealing with insurance can be frustrating and demoralizing, and my case has been particularly troublesome in that regard.  Please share this message with your colleagues.  I hope that it may serve as a reminder to you that while things can become routine and mundane, and perhaps frustrating, the work you all are doing as a team is really incredibly special and changes lives, from those at the front desk managing the schedule to the hands of Dr. Josephson in the OR.
Thank you so much.”

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