Many times we see a spot on the eye and we do not know if it is concerning or not.  During my fellowship in San Diego I had the privilege to see many Sun related growths on the eye.  Most of these were a growth called a pterygium.  A pterygium is a common growth on the eye that can grow onto the cornea.  Thankfully we can remove these and restore the look of the eye. It is best to remove before scarring occurs on the cornea.

The picture here is of an elevation or growth on the eye that had a peculiar look to it.  Three different eye doctors passed this patient along but were not sure what to do.   The patient was sent to us due to our specialty training in Cornea and external disease.  With special staining and testing we determined this growth was more likely a carcinoma of the eye and set her up to have excisional biopsy with us right away.  We are confident with continued care and treatment we can preserve vision in this otherwise detrimental situation.

If you have a growth on your eye or any changes in your vision it is important to have an evaluation with an EyeMD familiar with the subtleties of these conditions.  We would be honored to see you at Eye Specialists and Surgeons of Northern Virginia.  Call us at 571-349-2191 or check us out at

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