(Posterior subcapsular cataract)

I’m often asked what grade is my cataract? or is my cataract ripe?  This is a difficult question to answer because a cataract comes in many forms.  There are actually over 20 different types of cataracts.  There are cataracts that younger people can have and then there are those we see in the more advanced in age.  Some are due to trauma or medications.   All of this information is important for your surgeon to evaluate not only for surgical approach but also to determine if a work up is needed.   An medically trained eye specialist can often diagnose diabetes, medication toxicity, autoimmune disease, and various other ailments just by a thorough eye evaluation.  At the same time a superficial exam may miss many of these issues and leave them diagnosed.  In the picture above this cataract was seen in a young person and we were able to diagnose an autoimmune condition from one eye exam.

Once it is determined that a cataract is there and is causing visual issues we are fortunate to have the latest advancements in vision correction and laser cataract surgery to obtain the highest in patient satisfaction.   If the cataract is very mature we have access to the ORA calculator to ensure proper measurements in the Operating room.

If you having blurred vision, glare, trouble driving at night, or any other visual concern a thorough eye evaluation from an Eye Specialist may reveal a cataract or many other issues that may be occurring.  We would be glad to take care of you.  Please call us at 571-349-2191 to schedule an evaluation.

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