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I was asked this week as I have been before “is there any increased risk in having cataract surgery since I had lasik years ago?”  It is actually a great question and I’ll try to answer in this post.  There are many important points.  First of all, Lasik is done on the cornea (the window of the eye) and it molds the shape of the cornea to allow images to be in focus.  Cataract surgery is done where we remove the cloudy lens material.  Surgery-wise there is no technical difficulty doing cataract surgery when you had prior lasik, especially in the hands of fellowship trained cornea cataract and refractive surgeon.

The challenge is making sure that we place the correct lens in place of the cataract with the right power to help give you the focus you desire.  Cataract surgery has become to our patients an opportunity to enhance vision better than what they could see before they developed a cataract.  Your surgeon has to use special formulas and calculations to ensure proper measurements and lens power is being used.  Even a smooth uncomplicated surgery will have a poor vision outcome if time and detail is not put into the calculations before the surgery.

At Eye Specialists and Surgeons we pride ourselves on getting to know our patients. We take time to understand your goal in surgery.  We then take time to make sure our measurements are as accurate as possible and our formulas are correct. Nothing is one size fits all.  We have the latest in office calculators in our LENSTAR and PENTACAM to measure your eye in the office. To go even a step further we have access to the latest technology including Femtosecond laser incisions (Catalys)  and ORA Calculator (Intraoperative Measurements) to try our best for your precise visual outcome.  The ORA calculator is crucial, especially in those with prior eye surgery, to allow for an additional REAL TIME measurement in the operating room during cataract surgery.  This REAL TIME measurement is actually the most accurate time to measure the eye and we offer this technology option routinely to our patients.   

If you have any questions about your eye condition or would like to know more about our world class care and technology offered by Dr John Josephson at Eye Specialists and Surgeons of Northern Virginia please see our website at or call and schedule a consultation at 571-349-2191.

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