I was recently reminded how blessed we are to practice ophthalmology in the Washington metropolitan area where we have tremendous access to the most advanced eye care.  On my mission trips outside the US we see the most difficult eye diseases and unfortunately many times it is too late to offer much with the little resources available.  Rarely do we see this in America and especially in the major cities like Fairfax.  Recently however I was referred a woman with very advanced cataracts which had made it difficult to even mobilize or move about in a room.  The entire chart was not visible.  We were able set up laser cataract surgery and after a 10 minute procedure her life was changed.  The next day I sat in awe as she jumped into the chair and read down the chart.  Even though I have had the pleasure to do this for many years it never gets old! (photo is of a cataract seen in Mission 2012, with permission)


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