A pterygium is a growth of tissue on the cornea, the window of the eye, often from exposure to sunlight, trauma, or eye surface disease.  It is often surprising how advanced pterygia can become before people seek treatment.  This picture is of a young woman with advanced pterygium in both eyes that were scarring the cornea who had surgery in her left eye recently.  If not removed delicately a pterygium can cause permanent vision issues.  Fortunately, even though it was more advanced then her other eye awaiting surgery, we were able to remove her pterygium with a no stitch, 20 minute out patient procedure and restore her vision and appearance.  She is excited to have her other eye done soon.

If you notice any growth on your eyes or changes in your appearance or vision please call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Josephson at 571-349-2191 or find an ophthalmologist specializing in cornea disease in your area.

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