Regaining 20/20 vision after VISION THREATENING TRAUMA

At Eye Specialists and Surgeons of Northern Virginia, Dr John Josephson and his team are often asked to tackle the most challenging of eye conditions.  This could not be more true here when asked to deal with an unforeseen metal foreign body piercing through the eye damaging everything in it’s path.  Thank God after a few surgeries and procedures we were able to restore 20/20 vision and give him the opportunity to continue his career and life with excellent vision.  Please see his kind testimonial:

We found JOY in the mundane tasks!

A wonderful reminder from a patient on how small everyday tasks can make a BIG impact!
“Id just like to reiterate to you, Dr. Josephson, and the whole team at ESSNV that you all have truly transformed my life.  My accident happened in an instant and turned my world upside down.  I was immediately checked on having taken for granted perfect vision my whole life, and left in a state of fear wondering if I would ever see out of my eye again.  I feel incredibly lucky to have access to professionals that really care, and were able to restore my vision from an accident that should have seen me lose my eye entirely.  I have always felt that I have been in good hands at your practice.
I’m sure that for you specifically, jumping through hoops on a daily basis dealing with insurance can be frustrating and demoralizing, and my case has been particularly troublesome in that regard.  Please share this message with your colleagues.  I hope that it may serve as a reminder to you that while things can become routine and mundane, and perhaps frustrating, the work you all are doing as a team is really incredibly special and changes lives, from those at the front desk managing the schedule to the hands of Dr. Josephson in the OR.
Thank you so much.”

“Thinking out of the Box” with our in office Laser

This patient presented with a large cyst in the colored part of the eye (the iris) and was sent to us for  iris reconstructive surgery.  He was beginning to suffer from glare, pain, and decreased vision.  Typically we have to perform delicate eye surgery to remove cyst and suture the area which can be very difficult and have high risk of complications.  We came up with a plan to use our in- office laser to lyse the cyst and provide healing to our patient without having to go into the operating room.  Procedure took about 3-4 minutes.  Before and after pictures are seen here.  Our patient was overjoyed with the result and the fact he did not have to undergo a risky surgery.

We are honored to do our best to come up with individualized solutions to difficult eye challenges at Eye Specialists and Surgeons of Northern Virginia.  Please call us at 571-349-2191 if we can be of assistance.

Danger of non-prescribed contact lenses

 As Halloween is approaching, many people will consider colored contacts from on-line sources or salons.  We want to make sure your eyes are always safe.   Many of these sources may sell you contacts that are not regulated and may even contain powders that can permanently damage the cornea.  The picture you see here is a deep white haze in the cornea of a young girl that resulted from toxic chemicals used on a contact lenses.  Please make sure you only use contact lenses that are FDA approved and prescribed by a licensed Eye doctor.  If you have any questions or need an eye exam feel free to reach us at 571-349-2191 or visit us at


At Eye Specialists and Surgeons of Northern Virginia we are excited to be able to offer the latest in corneal surgery.  For patients suffering from endothelial disease like fuchs dystrophy the only option used to be a full corneal transplant.  Over the last few years we have been excited with techniques to do partial corneal transplants such as DALK (Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty) for anterior corneal disease and DSEK/DSAEK (Descement Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasy) for posterior corneal disease.  Dr Josephson is excited to be the first in Northern Virginia to offer DMEK (Descement Membrane Endothelial keratoplasty) which allows us to replace the thinnest layer of diseased tissue and replace with the same thin layer.  This technically advanced surgical technique allows us to restore the full potential of a patient’s vision quickly with a virtually zero percent rejection rate.  Dr Josephson has done numerous cases with a very high success rate.  Photographed in the picture is one of our cases.  You can not even see the outline of the transplant since it is so thin but the clue is the small imprinted purple S which tells us the new tissue is attached perfectly.  This is only a few days after surgery and the cornea is already clear.

We are always excited to discuss the newest advances in corneal disease treatment.  If any questions or you think you may have a corneal disease please reach out to us at 571-349-2191 or visit us at

Beautiful letter from a patient after cataract surgery

We love what we do at Eye specialists and Surgeons of Northern Virginia.  Even better when we receive words of affirmation from our wonderful patients.  With permission we would like to share one patient’s experience after having surgery with Dr Josephson. We are honored, blessed, and humbled to be a part of our patient’s vision restoration.



Dr Josephson and team

We are honored to share our patient video testimonials

Our most valuable content to share is our own wonderful patients experience.  No better source of information than those who have been through it before.  Please view our Youtube page to hear the experience from their own mouth.

Thank you for visiting our blog.  If you have questions or are in need of eye care feel free to contact us at 571-349-2191 or visit us at

Eye Surgery Mission in Ethiopia

We are honored to post pictures from our recent mission trip to Ethiopia last month.  Dr Josephson had the blessing to go to a hospital and start a corneal transplant program for the indigenous population in the region.  He also had the opportunity to teach and operate with the eye surgery residents that will lead the future of eye care in the country.  We were able to perform many surgeries, see hundreds of patients, and provide hope and vision for tomorrow.  We are happy to share the award Dr Josephson was given as a token of appreciation.  Also if you want to see pictures from the trip please visit our website at . We pray we will have the opportunity to serve this wonderful community again soon.